How WellaPlex Will Change Your Life…

WellaPlex treatments have revolutionised bleach & tint services in the hairdressing industry. #MakingHistory

Treatments are great for your hair, but there’s one for us that stands out a mile. This is because WellaPlex is an internal treatment that actually strengthens the very core of your hair. By no means a wonder cure, but by having this treatment with every bleach or tint service will absolutely, improve the condition of your hair and make it stronger.

WellaPlex Guarantees

  1. You will have stronger hair
  2. Your colour will last longer
  3. Your hair will have more shine

Particularly if you’re having a bleaching service, then the condition of your hair is absolutely paramount. Bleach dries the hair out, therefore it’s much more susceptible to damage, and it does get damaged. So by building bonds within the hair structure, your hair will be stronger, giving you a much better foundation for future colour services.

The Treatment Process

WellaPlex Bond Maker No. 1

The first stage of the treatment is mixing the No. 1 bond maker into the tint or bleach. Once applied, this creates bonds like scaffolding within the fibres during the lightening/colouring process, to give you stronger hair.

WellaPlex Bond Stabiliser No.2

Once the hair is rinsed, the bond stabiliser is applied and processed for 10 minutes. This rebalances the pH of each strand, further strengthening the hair.

WellaPlex Hair Stabiliser No. 3

To reap the full reward of the treatment, the WellaPlex Hair Stabiliser is offered for home use, an intense treatment to be carried out on a weekly basis, keeping the hair strong until the next in-salon WellaPlex treatment.

To give our guests the opportunity to see for themselves, we’ve reduced this (in-colour) treatment price for a limited time from £15 to just £10!

Further info is displayed on treatment menus throughout all salons, please ask your stylist for more information and bespoke recommendations for your hair type.

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Our Consultation Promise…

The Power Of Great Consultation…

Here at MAJOR, we pride ourselves on our power of great consultation. We listen to our guests and take the time to paint a picture of how their own style, be it new or refreshed, needs to work for them. We will always take into consideration skin tone, face shape, condition, colour, texture, and density before offering our professional advice on how you can get the very best out of your hair, whilst supporting your lifestyle.

To go the extra mile, we will learn from you what you don’t currently like about your hair or scalp, to give you styling tips and prescribe the very best salon exclusive products to combat those problem areas.

We believe, particularly for new guests, a new salon experience can be quite a nerve racking one. For this reason, we work hard to create a totally relaxed and informal environment in all of our salons.

Forget “so the same again?” consultations…

Why not try something new? (It doesn’t have to be anything frightening!)

Our Promise to you…

One… to always create a relaxing and informal atmosphere.
Two… to carefully consider all the important factors to find a style that best suits you.
And three… to prescribe the very best home care to take with you, improving your hair condition and style.


The importance of patch testing before colour services…

Step By Step Video Tutorial: The Messy Bun

In this step by step tutorial, you’ll be learning how to recreate this classic hair-up do in just seven stages. During this video, you’ll be taught by Darcy Major, our featured stylist for our first posting from Northampton salon group MAJOR Hairdressing. You can use this guide to recreate this look on friends/brides to be and everybody else!

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#SBAwards Ceremony 2019

awards ceremonyThis month we had the pleasure of attending the National Salon Business Awards in London as one of just eight finalists in the “Business” category. We were humbled to be invited on our first ever year of entering, following on from our rebrand last year. The event was held in the very decadent, Sea Containers rooftop bar overlooking the Thames and St Pauls Cathedral, with the super talented saxophonist Brendan Mills serenading the room.

We didn’t quite nab the top spot this year but we’ve got some exciting ideas developing throughout 2019 that we can’t wait to share with you, and we’ll be pushing the comps even harder next year!

Publishing Editor Joanne Charlton opened the evening with the welcome statement…

“Each of you in this room has put in hard work, grit, and dedication into creating successful businesses. You’ve then opened up your salons to the scrutiny of our judges and it’s paid off. You are all winners, you in this room are the best in the UK so give yourselves a round of applause.”

We’d like to congratulate all of the winners of 2019 and to all of the finalists!

A brilliantly glamorous night in all and we’ll definitely be heading down next year!

#SBAwards 2019 Finalist

We made the cut…

We’re in the finals!

This year we’ve had the honour of making it to the finals of the Salon Business Awards 2019. A big deal in industry, a national competition, receiving thousands of entries every year!

We’ve had a whirlwind of a year following our complete rebrand last March, and receiving this really means a lot to us.

Celebrity Charity Football Northampton

Football match poster‘Kick off’ spring with Celebrity Football!

This year MAJOR will be a main sponsor for Northampton’s Celebrity charity football match, taking place at Sixfields stadium!

The charity event is taking place on Sunday 28th April in support of Archies fund. It’ll be a great day out for all family and friends alike. Click here for tickets!

MAJOR Sponsorship

We’re really excited for this event to kick off our spring season (please excuse the pun), whilst supporting a super cause! Tickets are just £10 for adults and £5 for children, so come and join us!

To stay up to date with all the noise on this event, follow us on Twitter! All the match highlights and shenanigans we’ll be posting through our Instagram & Facebook!

About Celebrity Football

In 2012 Darren Eadie and Kevin Cooper launched Sellebrity Soccer to raise even more money for charity. From smaller grounds to Premier League stadiums they arrange regular, large-scale celebrity football matches across the UK.

They cover all their costs with sponsorship, which means more money goes to make a difference to others lives.

With their winning combination of high-calibre celebrity players, superb media coverage, and ticket sales, they’re the biggest and the best in the UK!

Archies Fund

Archie, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II, is a Northampton local boy who has always been a cobblers fan. SMA is a condition which causes the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord to become diseased, resulting in a physical decline in strength.

The medication Spinraza, which is only available overseas currently costs around £75,000 every four months for the rest of the patients life, however Archies family are campaigning for awareness and to get the drug accessible on the NHS.


Ticket Info

Tickets can be bought online here through the Northampton Town FC website or directly from the stadium!
Adult tickets: £10    Under 14’s: £5

Prices above are for standard seating tickets. More info on hospitality tickets can be seen here.

celebrity football banner

Koleston Perfect Me+

2019 innovation with KP me+

Wella Kp me+

We’re already well into 2019 and the Festive season is nothing but a distant memory. This year we’ve got lots in store, including rolling out the carpet for new products, new colour shades & new services. But first, i’ll fill you all in on the all new KP me+ innovation by Wella.

Every week, the fashion industry seems to bring with it new trends, new colours, new colouring techniques, but never new colour molecules. Until now anyway…

For the first time in over a century…

The new KP me+ is a true breakthrough product which features pure balance and me+ technology. The colour range itself boasts naturals, reds, blondes & brunettes and reaches up to 100% grey coverage.

…probably thinking “yeah, what?”

Pure Balance Tech

Free radicals interfere with the formation of colour and causes damage to the hair, but pure balance minimises the free radicals and deactivates impurities such as metal. This results in less damage with much more natural looking depth and shine.


This is the best bit. Wella have found a replacement for extreme sensitisers PPD and PTD which have been the key ingredient in permanent colour products for over 130 years! The purpose of this?

Clients are now 60x less likely to develop a new allergy to hair colour.

What the…”

KP Me+ results in a much more even over all tone from root to tip, and continues to shock the industry. Stocked in all MAJOR salons.

Forget Black Friday… What’s in store this month?

We’re rolling out the dream carpet…

This December we are offering one of our best retail deals ever!

3 for 2

on all product ranges in our salons!

Because this offer is across all ranges, you can mix and match products from System Professional, Sebastian, MAJOR and Nioxin! Or go for the whole Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask set if condition is your main concern!

Christmas gift ideas?

We also have the new System Professional gift sets available. The box includes silver shampoo, repair conditioner, hydrate mask & luxe oil (worth £17 alone)! All for £25, which comes with a complimentary Luxe candle which is just incredible!



GHD Stylers

We have limited stock of the original and gold GHD stylers so if someone is in for a lucky Christmas, pop in to your nearest salon soon while the stock lasts!