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Hair Colour Packages

Our Northampton master hair colour experts now offer a range colour packages which include three prescribed professional home care products to look after you new hair colour.

Balayage Package

The perfect package to keep you balayage maintenance on point! As standard this package includes Balayage Highlighting, the WellaPlex reconstructive treatment, Toner and Cut & Finish.

On top of this you’ll receive three prescribed salon professional home care products that are tailored to the specific needs of your hair.

Colour Creative

If it’s something out there you’re after, then look no further. The Colour Creative package puts the V in vibrant! As standard this includes a Full Bleach lift, Creative Colour, the WellaPlex reconstructive treatment and Cut & Finish.

PLUS three prescribed home care products tailored to care for your new hair colour.

With all creative colours it’s important to note that they are high maintenance and require some looking after. So come a see your stylist before hand for a prior colour consultation so we can see your current hair condition and this will also allow us to give realistic expectations on what is and isn’t possible.

Blonde BOMB

One for the blonde bombshells out there! This hair colour package includes a Bleach Root Retouch, the WellaPlex reconstructive treatment, Toner and Cut & Finish.

PLUS three prescribed professional home care products to keep your blonde fresh and in the best condition going! Especially important for the ongoing longevity of a colour this bright!

Why WellaPlex?

All of the colour packages above include bleach services of some kind so it’s super important to give your hair the best treatment and maintenance you can to enable the colour to last, and more importantly, the strength of your hair!

The WellaPlex treatment rebuilds the internal structure of each strand of hair whilst it’s being lifted and therefore leaves you with much healthier, stronger hair that will stand the test of time. The second stage after lifting is to then rebalance the pH of the hair with a bond stabiliser.

At MAJOR, our top priority is hair condition, which is why we recommend this in all colour services, not when just using bleach!


Come and see us at any of our three hair salons in Northampton for a free consultation to see what we can do for your locks! You can book online, download the app or give us a call!


Our prices

  • Balayage PackageFrom £160
  • Colour CreativeFrom £162
  • Blonde BOMBFrom £135