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Hair Colours For Spring 2020

Spring is now almost upon us and we’re seeing the movement in trends across the country as we embark into the (hopefully) drier and brighter weather! Here we have for you our predictions for the hair colours of spring 2020!

In commercial hairdressing, we see a huge variety of styles on a daily basis, however we always notice the colours changing with the seasons. Now we’re ‘springing’ out of winter, hair is getting lighter, we’re seeing highlights making a comeback, moving away from the low balayages, and most of all our guests are craving the shine of healthy, richer colours.
Below is some of the recent work coming out of our salons, and colours which we predict to be trending throughout spring 2020 into summer.

Auburn Blonde

This colour is stunning. A perfect combination of tones using Wella Blondor lightener and Wella KPme tint to exhibit both the blondness of the colour, as well as the shine.
auburn blonde

Breakthrough Colour

In contrast, the creativity of this darker colour is excellent. By taking big underneath sections, a breakthrough effect has been created, giving this look amazing movement.

Pink Dream

Let me just start by stating that not every hair type can achieve this. However, this 2020 TrendVision entry shows some amazing colour work. Pastel colours as far as I can see aren’t shifting anytime soon, because… just look.

Au Natural

Generally we’re finding a shift away from the super-platinum, white blondes we’ve seen over the past couple of years and more of our guests aiming for a more natural blonde. This is a much more sustainable, healthy colour and requires significantly less maintenance in terms of toner top-ups.


This probably takes No. 1 in my personal list. I love everything about this, the layering perfectly compliments the chunky, sun-kissed look highlights.

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When considering colour, always take the best care of your hair in terms of aftercare and treatments to improve the condition. We recommend that all of our colour clients consider WellaPlex in colour treatment. This will make your hair stronger, allow your colour to last longer and create more shine!

Thank you for reading our hair colours of spring 2020, and we hope to see you soon!