How WellaPlex Will Change Your Life…

WellaPlex treatments have revolutionised bleach & tint services in the hairdressing industry. #MakingHistory

Treatments are great for your hair, but there’s one for us that stands out a mile. This is because WellaPlex is an internal treatment that actually strengthens the very core of your hair. By no means a wonder cure, but by having this treatment with every bleach or tint service will absolutely, improve the condition of your hair and make it stronger.

WellaPlex Guarantees

  1. You will have stronger hair
  2. Your colour will last longer
  3. Your hair will have more shine

Particularly if you’re having a bleaching service, then the condition of your hair is absolutely paramount. Bleach dries the hair out, therefore it’s much more susceptible to damage, and it does get damaged. So by building bonds within the hair structure, your hair will be stronger, giving you a much better foundation for future hair colour services.

The Treatment Process

WellaPlex Bond Maker No. 1

The first stage of the treatment is mixing the No. 1 bond maker into the tint or bleach. Once applied, this creates bonds like scaffolding within the fibres during the hair lightening/hair colouring process, to give you stronger hair.

WellaPlex Bond Stabiliser No.2

Once the hair is rinsed, the bond stabiliser is applied and processed for 10 minutes. This rebalances the pH of each strand, further strengthening the hair.

WellaPlex Hair Stabiliser No. 3

To reap the full reward of the treatment, the WellaPlex Hair Stabiliser is offered for home use, an intense treatment to be carried out on a weekly basis, keeping the hair strong until the next in-salon WellaPlex treatment.

To give our guests the opportunity to see for themselves, we’ve reduced this (in-colour) treatment price for a limited time from £15 to just £10!

Further info is displayed on treatment menus throughout all salons, please ask your stylist for more information and bespoke recommendations for your hair type.

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