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Hair Colouring

Our Northampton master colour experts offer a variety of hair colour solutions to give you an impactful fresh look that compliments your features and individual style.

Hair Colouring Prices

Our hair colouring prices range from £30 to £150 depending on your stylist level and whether you want subtle highlights or babylights, root touch up, full head colouring, dip-dye, balayage or an Ombré transformation. We perceive that every colour can be different from the last one, and we can provide you with a quote when you call or visit any of our Northampton hair salons.

Hair Colour Techniques

Root Touch Up

A root touch up is hair colouring done along the part and visible hairlines where your hair has grown out revealing your original hair colour. Depending on how fast your hair grows, we recommend a root touch up every 4 to 6 weeks.


The word balayage originates from the French term “to sweep” and is a freehand hair colouring technique for highlighting hair in which the applied hair colour creates a gradual, fully blended, multi-tonal, natural-looking effect from the base of the head to the ends of the hair. Depending on how intense you want your balayage to be, we recommend touch up every 8 to 12 weeks as balayage doesn’t require as much upkeep as a traditional full hair colour treatment.

Babylights, Lowlights and Highlights

Babylights are super-fine white-blonde highlights done around the hairline, natural parting and ends of the hair – in order to mimic the blonde hue created when someone’s hair is naturally lightened by the sun.

Lowlights involve colouring strands of hair with colours darker than your natural hair colour whilst highlights involve colouring strands of hair with colours lighter than your natural hair colour. Either of these techniques can lighten up the face and increase the depth and textured look of the hair.

We recommend touch ups for all foil highlight processes every 6 to 8 weeks, however, if you don’t often wear your hair up, you may opt to alternate between full-head highlights, half-head & t-zone services for best results to promote healthy hair.

Full Head Hair Colour

A full head hair colouring treatment is just that! Whatever full head hair colour you desire, our hair consultants will ensure that your hair colour will complement your skin tone and eye colour. All over colouring should be done every 5 to 8 weeks for best results, depending on the type of hair colour used (e.g. permanent, quasi-permanent or semi).

Ombré and Sombré

The word ombré originates from the French term “shadow” or “shade” and is a hair colouring technique where the hair colour from the roots through the mid-shaft is darker and lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. A sombré is a softer, more subtle version of the ombre, with a less visible transition between the roots and end colours. Either of these treatments should be done every 8 to 12 weeks.

Hair Colour Consultations

We offer a variety of hair colour solutions and each hair colouring experience is tailor-made to suit each customer individually. Through in-depth consultation and analysis, we ensure that your hair colour is personalised to enhance your features, complement your skin tone and work with your personality and lifestyle.

We’re also renowned for colour correction, and our talented technicians work with you to create the perfect colour for your unique style, using innovative techniques and quality products. Our grey coverage and root-touch up is ideal if you’re looking to maintain your original natural colour, we can choose the right shade for you.

Hair Colour Patch Test

As a precaution, a skin test is required 48 hours before the appointment, but this will only take several minutes. Koleston Perfect Innosense by Wella is our preferred brand for vibrant, permanent colour, and it’s specially formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergies, whilst you’re guaranteed a colour that’s tailored to meet your needs.

Hair Colour Care

We take the time to educate you on how to care for your hair at home to preserve the colour and maintain the condition including suggesting the best colour shampoo and conditioners for your chosen hair colour.

Hair Colouring in Northampton

You can get your hair coloured at any of our three Northampton hair salon locations including Abington Grove, St Leonard’s Road and Weston Favell.

Contact us to find out more about our various hair colouring services today.


Our prices

  • RootsFrom £27
  • ShortFrom £33
  • LongFrom £40
  • Semi Colour (Illumina + £5)From £28
  • Foil Highlights - Halo (10 pkt)From £33
  • Foil Highlights - T-ZoneFrom £35
  • Foil Highlights - Half HeadFrom £48
  • Foil Highlights - Full HeadFrom £56
  • Foil Highlights - LongFrom £66
  • Short BleachFrom £34
  • Long BleachFrom £44
  • Toner£15
  • Colour CorrectionBy Quotation