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Transform your hair in 2020! #newyearnewyou

New hair for a new decade!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to completely revamp your look? This is your time! Do something new for you this year, transform your hair. Recently we have completed some major colour changes for our guests and produced some absolutely stunning results.

We’re finding that generally, darker, much richer colours are trending in the UK. Our main priority is the condition of your hair. We strive to create work with incredible shine, texture & wearability, to enable our clientele to easily style their hair at home in accordance with their lifestyle, and look absolutely fabulous 24/7.

Recent guest transformations…

Hair by Anjel Hall @ Abington Grove

Hair By Darcy Major @ Weston Favell

This last transformation by Darcy Major was no easy feat. It took multiple visits with plex treatments every time to keep the condition great whilst lifting, but so worth it! Beautiful colour work!

Condition after colouring hair…

When talking to people about their hair, especially when talking about lightening hair, the number one concern of our customers is condition. And rightly so…

It’s no secret, colouring your hair can affect the condition of your hair, but with professional guidance & advice, together with proper application & process, it needn’t be an issue to worry about. Over the last two years, we’ve introduce the WellaPlex treatment to our menu and the response has been phenomenal. The treatment itself is mixed into the colour or bleach used, stage one will construct bonds inside the hair structure whilst it is coloured/lifted. This acts like scaffolding so the hair strength stays rock solid. Once the colour has processed we apply stage two for 10 minutes at the basin to restore the pH and prevent any further processing. Over time, this treatment will dramatically better the condition of you hair and you’ll be left asking yourself why it’s taken over 100 years of hair colouring history for a company to develop such a wonder product.

If you’re not already on it, the WellaPlex treatment will change your life… Transform your hair and kick start your year!


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