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Earn while you learn with a hairdressing apprenticeship!

Now is the time to claim a career of creativity, passion & enthusiasm on our hairdressing apprenticeship scheme! If hairdressing is the career for you, an apprenticeship is without question, the best path to achieve your goals & become a successful stylist on a salon floor!


Hairdressing Apprenticeship vs Full-Time Courses

Over the years there has always been debate between full-time courses offered by some colleges and apprenticeships however as an employer, we can tell you that you’ll find it a million times easier searching in the job market having completed an apprenticeship with a reputable salon, than if you were to go down the route of a full-time course. The knowledge and experience you gain whilst working in a salon environment is in-valuable and can never really be replicated in a full-time education facility.

At Major, we have the luxury of having our own in-house assessor which means no waiting to book in practical assessments! Darcy heads our education programme and once a week our training workshops are run from our Abington Grove salon where you’ll be able to book your own clients to help you progress, with the assistance and oversight of a senior member of our team.

On top of this experience, you’ll also be earning a salary whilst you’re gaining your NVQ qualification, as well as an almost certain new talent stylist position on one of our salon floors, once you’ve successfully completed your end-point assessment, taking enormous amounts of pressure off of you to find a suitable job offer in this competitive market.



Love your job and you’ll never work a day in your life… Our team is the foundation of our company and we love what we do. Working with us will provide you with ample opportunity to excel yourself & achieve things you may never have thought you would. As well as our in-house training programme, you will learn outstanding people skills & customer service, transferable attributes into any industry. As well as this we reward our team with an extra week of paid holiday & time for yourself over the Christmas period, providing a much better work/life balance.

Working for MAJOR will also provide you with the opportunity to enter national & international industry competitions. Though these are not mandatory, this will build your reputation within hairdressing, thus furthering your career should you choose to move into the world of competition, session styling, TV work, movie costume & more .

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For applications or more information, head over to our careers page or email [email protected]

Please attach a copy of your CV & your predicted grades to all applications.


Thank you for reading & good luck this summer!


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