The ‘Wolf’ Haircut

The Wolf cut is taking TIK TOK by storm!

I’m not gonna do it… Just thinking about it…

The wolf haircut has come about as the lovechild of two vintage icons.


A particularly great style if you have a natural wave to your hair but note, if your hair is straight then this do is going to take some styling.

A super choppy hairstyle is back with a bang, and why not? No need for meticulous straightening, the ‘perfect’ curl, it’s just messy hair right?

If only it was that simple… Let’s have a look at this style in more detail on Billie Eilish.


I’m going to bet she hasn’t just woken up like that.

Having said that this Wolf Haircut is definitely is one of the easier styles to manage with the right products. To achieve this rocky ‘next day’ beach wave look we’d recommend some kind of texturizer, like the Sebastian Professional Texturizer Liquid Hair Gel, this will give your hair some hold without weighing it down. You’ll also want either a serum or argan oil to prevent unwanted frizz and if you struggle with curl & volume, then a light mousse like the Twisted Curl Lifter Styling Foam for Curly Hair.

Mix these products together in your hands and run through towel dried hair.


When it comes to drying the hair you have a couple of options.


If you have a defuser attachment for your dryer then use this, you will achieve a curlier and slightly messier look, but you’re going to save bags of time and as long as you don’t move your hair too much it’s hard to go wrong.

Scrunch the previous product through your hair until you reach a placement you like. Place your hair into the defuser attachment and dry until it’s 75-80% dry, repeat this on each section of your hair until done.

Pro Styler

If you’re used to blowdrying your hair with a round brush then let’s go for it. You want to dry each section down the hair strand and then with tension wrap the hair around the brush, directing the curls to fall towards the face. Hold this for 10 seconds whilst drying and then repeat the process until each section is dry & loosely curled.

That’s the hard bit done with!

Now you can use your argan oil to dress out the layers to fall towards the face, you can also use a wax or paste to define individual sections & for extra ‘scrunch’.