Hairstyles of the 90s…

“They were brilliant times, haircuts were king, not like now…” – Lee Stafford

Here are our picks on some of the most influential hairstyles of the 90s in pop-culture. Good times.


JeniferAniston 90's

The Jenifer Aniston

Would it be a hair of the 90s list without Jenifer Aniston? I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t be, so for safe measure, we’ve got her twice on our list. The first of which being the classic Rachel haircut, big on shape, big on layers, and the classic supermodel blowdry to finish!


Leonardo DiCaprio 90's
The King of Curtains – Leonardo DiCaprio

Baby faced Leo rocking the curtain look and has done throughout most of his life! Why not, he’s Leonardo DiCaprio?


Baby Spice 90sBaby Spice

What teenage girl didn’t want to be a Spice Girl in the 90’s? Baby Spice set the trend on pig tails and the nation followed, making a comeback now with ‘space buns’. The days when pop-culture ruled fashion.


Brad Pitt 90s

When Brad had long hair, the first time…

Brad Pitt pre 2000 was wearing the long blonde locks, blonde was cool, everyone died their hair.



Britney Spears 90sCrimped & Curly

Britney Spears, why have one hair style when you can have two? Crimping hasn’t really made a comeback in day to day hairstyles, probably because it takes quite a long time. Hair styling now is more about less maintenance and easy manageability, boring but true…



Oasis 90sBritpop

The 90’s brought Britpop to the world, along with the reinvention of that mod rocker style. So at number six on our list we have the rock ‘n’ roll kings of the 90s, Liam & Noel Gallagher. (Sorry Blur fans – Oasis were better)

Winona Ryder 90sWinona Ryder

Winona is another global superstar that could have an enormous gallery of her own hairstyles over the years, but one of my favourites is the short textured pixie cut she revisited post Johnny Depp.



Jenifer Aniston 90s hairSuper Straight

Jenifer Aniston for the second time on our list with the classic ‘super straight’ look. We’re starting to see this style more and more, particularly the face framing texture in the front.



David Beckham 90s hairBlonde like Beckham…

Men’s highlights were huge in the 90s, and more importantly cap highlighting was huge, almost unheard of now…




Posh Spice 90sPosh

Best quote I’ve head on the radio for a while, “I thought if I had my haircut like Posh Spice, the boys would come flooding in. But they didn’t…” Look at that LOB.



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