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The Importance of a Skin Test Before a Hair Colouring Appointment

It’s essential you get a skin test before a hair colouring appointment. This is to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the products we are going to be using on your hair, so that we know you will be completely safe when your hair colour is applied. Anybody can be allergic to a colour, and in the most severe cases, an allergic reaction to hair dye can result in hospitalisation or even death.

If we didn’t carry out skin tests, we wouldn’t be complying with our duty of care to our clients. All salons must carry out skin tests before a colour is applied and if they don’t offer you one, alarm bells should be ringing – it is a basic health and safety requirement. If you ever colour your hair at home, you should also make sure you carry out a skin test before applying the colour.

How is a skin test carried out?

This is what will happen before your hair colouring appointment:

  • Arrange to pop into the salon of your choice for your skin test. It will take less than five minutes.
  • We will apply a dab of hair colour to your skin, usually behind your ear.
  • Leave the colour on for 48 hours and monitor your skin carefully to see if you have any reactions. Be aware of any itching, burning sensations, or redness around the area.

When do I need to have a skin test?

You will need to have a skin test at least 48 hours prior to a hair colouring appointment, and leave the patch of colour on for 48 hours as well. The time can differ for different colour houses between 24 and 48 hours, and we use Wella who require a 48 hour gap.

I’ve had a hair colour before. Do I need a skin test?

If you have a hair colour regularly in one of our Northampton salons, then you won’t need another skin test. If you change your colour, or haven’t had a hair colour for a while, you will need to have another skin test. Remember, anyone can become allergic to a hair colour at any time, particularly if you’ve recently changed medication, fallen pregnant, or contracted a virus, so it doesn’t matter if you have had that hair colour applied before. You will still need the test to make sure you will be safe.

Come in for a colour consultation

If you are having a new hair colour, pair your skin test with a colour consultation. Our consultations are completely free of charge, and you will get the opportunity to sit down with a qualified stylist, where we will discuss your hair colour thoroughly. We will talk about the hair colour you would like and your hairstyle as well, showing you hair colour charts so you know exactly what to expect. We will apply your skin test at the same time, so you won’t need to come into the salon again until you are ready for your hair colour.

In the vast majority of cases, there will be no reaction at all and you will be able to go ahead with your hair colouring appointment without any worries. However, it is so important you check – popping into the salon for a skin test could save your life.

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