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Back at it again!

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What a start to the year it has been!

We’re now a few days in since the shops are beginning to reopen and the end of the pandemic is coming into sight! We’ve loved welcoming back all of our guests and continuing to provide the safest possible experience when visiting any one of our three Northampton hair salons.

This lockdown has been the hardest for many people, but the end really is in sight and we’re loving being back in the salon, putting smiles on peoples faces (at least we think they’re smiling).

We’ve got some exciting new things going on within our business throughout the year including the introduction of the new, natural product brand weDo.

WeDo puts huge emphasis on their sustainability, by using 100% recyclable materials and promising 8 plastic bottles to be removed from the ocean for every 1 product bought! Since the start of their journey they’ve collected an impressive 15,099 plastic bottles EVERY DAY!

We’re excited to welcome them to the MAJOR salons and show you how you can use naturally sourced products to help your hair and the environment.

Is your hair garden party ready?

With garden party season approaching and the yearning feeling to visit as many of our friends as possible this year, get your hair ready! The sun can make a huge difference to the condition of your hair so keeping up with regular haircuts and having a haircare routine will help you achieve better results with any style. Studies show that the sun can be six times more damaging to your hair than BLEACH! There are many great products with UV protection for your hair so when you’re in one of our Northampton hair salons for your next haircut, ask your stylist about the best UV protective products for your hair type. It’s so important we can’t stress it enough, you wouldn’t lay out in the sun without any suncream (at lease you shouldn’t) and your hair is no different.

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