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The Future of Hair Salons 2021

What will the future hold for hair salons & the beauty industry, following Coronavirus 2021?

On April 12th we had the pleasure of reopening our salon doors! We’ve loved being back doing what we love, and even with the necessary safety procedures in place, our guests have returned to our salons happier than ever to see us!

Despite the current rush there are many publications spreading doubt over the future of our industry. It was reported in December that 4,578 hair & beauty salons had already permanently closed across Britain since the beginning of the pandemic, so there’s no question that this previous year has devastated so many businesses across the nation.

Here are some key points made by the NHBF (National Hair & Beauty Federation) on the state of salons prior to the most recent lockdown (November/December time).


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NHBF Hair industry points 2021

Standing the test of time…

Our director George Major started the MAJOR hair salon group in Northampton nearly 30 years ago in 1992 (f.k.a The Cutting Rooms). That said this past year has been unprecedented in the disruption it’s caused to most industries all over the world. Moving forward we’re confident the new sense of normality will stabilise and the hairdressing industry will thrive again.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, supporting your local businesses is more important now than it ever has been, whether that be your hairdresser, pub, butcher, the list goes on.

The immediate future

We can quite accurately predict the immediate future in the world of hair based on the events that followed the first lockdown between March & July 2020. At any normal time the booking schedule of our guests would be spread out between six and nine weeks. However, when reopening after a closure and the majority of guests visit within a three to four week period, a regular booking schedule takes months to return to normal, this means we will have more peak periods as well as quiet ones.

We’re positive people!

We’ve got high hopes for future, we’re currently running a big employment campaign, striving to find the best hair stylists in Northampton out there for our guests & future guests. For the first time in a while we’re feeling really happy with what the next few years will bring!

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