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How much is the beauty industry worth?

The Hair & Beauty industry is worth £6 billion to the UK economy alone.

That’s 8% of the entire retail sector…

For the first time in history, this summer, the hair and beauty industry has been valued at a whopping £6.6 billion! This equates to more than 8% of the total retail sector and marks the enormous importance of our profession to the UK.

The report itself highlights how much money the industry brings to the UK and calls for mandatory licensing to enforce higher standards, which here at MAJOR, we’re all for!

The CEO of the hair & barber council, Keith Conniford has stated: “This report has given us all the information successive governments have asked for and has pushed our cause higher up the political agenda… it is a huge step forward for our cause to making voluntary state registration mandatory and giving the industry the recognition it deserves.”

It is great that the industry has now had an official evaluation, however it is also pretty shocking it’s taken until 2019 to report on an industry that’s well over 100 years old…

…anyway, here’s to another year!

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