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The Art of Air Touch Balayage: Elevating Hair Color to New Heights


In the ever-evolving world of hair colour, new techniques and trends constantly emerge, captivating our salon stylists and guests alike. One new technique gaining significant attention is the Air Touch Balayage. Combining the delicate artistry of balayage with the precision of airbrushing, this innovative approach has revolutionised the way we achieve seamless, natural-looking highlights. In this post, we will explore the intricacies of Air Touch Balayage, its benefits, and why it has become a top go-to choice for both stylists and hair colour champions.

First off… What is Air Touch Balayage?

At its core, balayage is a French highlighting technique that involves hand-painting colour onto the hair to create soft, blended, and sun-kissed effects. Air Touch Balayage takes this method to the next level by utilizing an airbrush tool or other spray effect. This allows stylists to apply colour with precision, control, and a feather-light touch. This technique ensures a seamless transition between colours and achieves a more natural-looking result.

The Benefits of Air Touch Balayage

Air Touch Balayage offers several advantages that make it a sought-after choice for hairstylists and clients alike. Firstly, the airbrush application provides ultimate control, enabling stylists to precisely target specific areas with colour whilst a wider spray allows for larger sections, creating texture by taking finer layered colours. This precision allows for more customisable and personalised results, tailored to each individual’s hair type and desired outcome.

Secondly, Air Touch Balayage minimises damage by using a gentle spraying technique instead of traditional methods. The fine mist of colour creates a soft gradient effect, minimising the risk of harsh lines or uneven saturation. This gentle approach is particularly beneficial for clients with fine or fragile hair, as it reduces the stress on the strands during the colouring process.

Additionally, the airbrush allows for greater colour variation and depth. Stylists can blend multiple shades seamlessly, creating a multidimensional effect that mimics the natural colour variations found in real hair. This versatility opens up a world of creative possibilities, from subtle, sun-kissed highlights to bolder, more vibrant looks.

The Process of Air Touch Balayage

Air Touch Balayage typically begins with a thorough consultation between the stylist and the client. During this conversation, the stylist assesses the client’s hair type, colour history, and desired outcome. Based on these factors, a customised colour plan is created, determining the shades and placement of the airbrushed, sprayed or foiled highlights.

Once the consultation is complete, the hair is prepared for the colour application. Depending on the client’s hair type and needs, the stylist may opt to pre-lighten certain sections or apply a base colour for depth and dimension. Then, using the airbrush or spray tool, the stylist delicately sprays the chosen colours onto the hair, focusing on specific areas to achieve the desired effect. The airbrush allows for precise control, ensuring a seamless blend between the natural hair colour and the highlights.

After the colour application, the hair is left to process for a specific duration determined by the stylist, taking into account the desired level of lift. Once the colour has developed, the hair is rinsed, and a suitable toner may be applied to neutralise any unwanted undertones.

To Conclude…

Air Touch Balayage has transformed the world of hair colour, offering a refined and artistic approach to achieving natural-looking highlights. With its precise application, minimal damage, and endless creative possibilities, this technique has gained popularity among both stylists and clients seeking customised, seamless colour transformations.

Check out this video where Guy Tang is applying this technique!


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