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MAJOR Client Experience Survey

    Client Experience Survey

    Please help us to better our customer experience by completing this survey. It should take only a minute or two minutes to complete.

    1. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you received from MAJOR?
      Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfiedVery Unsatisfied

    2. Would you recommend us to friends?
      DefinitelyProbablyNot SureProbably NotDefinitely Not

    3. How long have you visited our salons?
      First Time6 months +1 - 3 years3 - 5 yearsOver 5 Years

    4. How often do you visit one of our salons?
      Once a monthOnce every 6-8 weeksEvery 3 monthsEvery 6 months

    5. What are the highlights of visiting a MAJOR salon?
      QualityPriceResultCustomer Service

    6. Overall, the service met your expectation?
      Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know

    7. What do you like most about visiting a MAJOR salon?

    8. How could we improve on both our service & experience?


    Our Client Experience

    In all of our three Northampton salons, we are constantly striving to create the ultimate client experience.

    Our philosophy at MAJOR is that every great salon experience starts with great consultation. We number 1 goal is to put our guests’ mind at ease when talking through their next style, colour, or even maintenance cut.

    There’s nothing worse than feeling unsure or apprehensive when it comes to making a decision on a new look for yourself…

    Questions come to mind…

    Will it suit me?                       

    What if I don’t like it?     

    Is it too short for me?       

    Is this enough of a change?


    Our team of experienced hair stylists will guide you through your experience taking into consideration aspects such as your current style, skin tone, face shape, your lifestyle, how much time you spend on styling your hair… the list goes on.


    Well you can rest easy. Our whole team are exceptionally well trained and if it won’t suit you, we’ll give you the advice you need and an alternative route of achieving a look that you will own.


    Come and see us for a free consultation today…

    Book Online or call us on 01604 708228


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