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All New Sebastian Twisted!

So in the last few weeks we’ve introduced a new product line from Sebastian called Twisted, which we’re really impressed with and can allow you to do some very cool things.

It’s a very simplistic range that includes shampoo & conditioner, as well as a treatment mask, curl magnifier, curl lifting foam and reviver spray.

We sent Ralph down to the Wella studio in London last week to find out more on the hype.

I was really blown away by the new product range, we’ve had them in the salon for a few weeks and I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t even used them before going! I love going down to the studio. It’s such an inspiringly creative place to be and it’s great to get all the latest tips on new products.

Over the day we went through all the products, including the ingredients, how to use them to the best of their ability, what hair types ect, I learnt a lot. When we got down to actually using the products I was gob smacked. My model for the day was a block head and if anyone reading has experience in working on them, then you’ll know that getting natural looking curls out of one is a terrific feat. Have a look at the pictures below and just remember that the possibilities on real hair are so much greater!

These products aren’t just for curls though!

They are heavily based around elasticity, which also makes them fantastic for volume & bouncy blow drys!

With this line it’s very difficult to really overload the hair as it’s so light. Ideal for all hair types, specifically if your hair is prone to looking lank when you use product.

Overall, a great line of products, and I’ll be using them on as many of my clients as I can.”

In salon we have samples of the majority of our products and we offer a selection along side retail purchases.