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Koleston Perfect KP Me+

2019 innovation with KP me+

Wella Kp me+

We’re already well into 2019 and the Festive season is nothing but a distant memory. This year we’ve got lots in store, including rolling out the carpet for new products, new colour shades & new services. But first, i’ll fill you all in on the all new KP me+ innovation by Wella.

Every week, the fashion industry seems to bring with it new trends, new colours, new colouring techniques, but never new colour molecules. Until now anyway…

For the first time in over a century…

The new KP me+ is a true breakthrough product which features pure balance and me+ technology. The colour range itself boasts naturals, reds, blondes & brunettes and reaches up to 100% grey coverage.

…probably thinking “yeah, what?”

Pure Balance Tech

Free radicals interfere with the formation of colour and causes damage to the hair, but pure balance minimises the free radicals and deactivates impurities such as metal. This results in less damage with much more natural looking depth and shine.

KP Me+

This is the best bit. Wella have found a replacement for extreme sensitisers PPD and PTD which have been the key ingredient in permanent colour products for over 130 years! The purpose of this?

Clients are now 60x less likely to develop a new allergy to hair colour.

What the…”

KP Me+ results in a much more even over all tone from root to tip, and continues to shock the industry. Stocked in all MAJOR salons.


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