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Join Our Loyalty Card Scheme & Save!

A loyalty card with a difference…

Here at MAJOR we hold our clients at the very pinnacle of our business. So we reward you for that with our loyalty card!


Our card isn’t like the many others out there where you have to visit us 15 times before you get a free coffee… No no, with ours you’ll get something every other time you visit! And not stuff nobody cares about! With one of our cards totalling nine visits over any time period can save you up to £82.50!


Over the nine visits you will receive £5 off a hair product, a £15 personalised treatment, a specially selected shampoo or conditioner, a gloss treatment worth £20 and finishing on 50% off your cut & finish!


So next time you’re in, grab yourself a loyalty card, find them on reception or just ask your stylist!


And thanks guys for the continued support we really appreciate it!