Why should you book a consultation with your hair stylist?

At Major, we are hairdressers who specialise in listening. That’s why we offer all our clients a complimentary consultation before an appointment. That’s right, it’s completely free. We want to give you the opportunity to sit down, relax and discuss what you would like to achieve with your hair, in a comfortable environment. Your stylist will be able to talk to you one to one and make sure they really understand how you would like your hair to look.

You wouldn’t decide to get braces without the help of a dentist. Or choose a new car without some professional advice and a test drive. It really should be the same with your hair. As experienced hair stylists, we love it when our clients ask us for their help and advice. We know what will work for you and can share the knowledge we have picked up during our hairdressing careers.

A consultation is great if you are thinking about trying out a new hair colour. We have a number of colour consultants who will be more than happy to talk you through your options. They can asses your base colour, so they can tell which colours will work on your hair and how to get it to your optimum shade. Everyone’s hair is different – the exact shade, the texture, the length, the condition… It’s so important you go into a colour appointment understanding which colours will work.

A consultation is the perfect way to ensure this happens. Your stylist will show you a colour chart, so you can see colours in real life and hold them up against your own hair to match them with your skin tone.

If you are having a completely new hair colour, we will be able to give you an accurate quotation once you have had your consultation. Every colouring process is different – it’s an art! We would hate to give you a generic price over the phone, see your hair in real life and realise it will take twice as long as we thought – or, even worse, not be able to achieve the hair colour you want at all. Consultations allow us to continue delivering a high quality service for all our lovely clients.

It is also important that you have a skin test if you haven’t had a hair colour with us before, or within the last six months. This will check you are not allergic to the colour we use.

We apply a small patch of colour to your skin to make sure you don’t have a reaction – this needs to be done at least 48 hours before your appointment.

A consultation is also a great way to decide on a new hairstyle. Our stylists will discuss your new look with you, thinking about the practicalities and how easily you will be able to style it yourself at home. If there is anything specific you would like, bring along some photos to show us.

These are some of the ways in which a consultation can help you:

  • Decide on a new hair colour or style if you’re not sure what you want
  • Get the advice of a qualified, experienced stylist
  • Understand which colours will work with your hair
  • Get inspiration for a new haircut or complete restyle
  • Feel confident that your stylist understands what you want
  • Explore new ideas and learn about your hair type
  • Relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee!

To book your free consultation, please call 01604 708228 and speak to the salon of your choice – St Leonards Road, Weston Favell or Abington Grove.

If you don’t know the stylist you would like, we will match you with a stylist who can meet your needs. There is absolutely no obligation to book an appointment afterwards, and the consultation is completely free. We hope to see you soon and begin discussing your hair transformation!

Here’s to 2018! #NewYearNewMe

Hello from us! We’re wishing you all
(all be it, a bit late now)

a Happy New Year!

We’re super excited for this one, with plans to get back out on the scene and make some noise!

So far this year we’ve had Wella Education in to show us the new Colour Fresh Create collection. The new range introduces some wild, fresh new colours onto Wella’s pallet. You can see from the few images below the kind of range available with Gemma, who very kindly volunteered to crash test for us in our training session this week. #PinkHairDontCare

Another great advantage with colour fresh create is that it will fade true to tone, meaning that, as long as the base colour on your hair in the first place doesn’t throw out any unwanted tone, then the colour will fade as that colour, and not into any other, e.g. when blues fade into carky greens.

We’ll have these available in salon soon! Give us a call to arrange a consultation. However, as with any vibrant fashion colours, to achieve results like the ones pictured, your hair will have to be pre-lightened A LOT before hand. But throw in our new WellaPlex treatment to prevent condition problems!

Brighten up your 2018 and give us a call to arrange a free consultation!
01604 708228

Rainbow Head

All New Sebastian Twisted!

So in the last few weeks we’ve introduced a new product line from Sebastian called Twisted, which we’re really impressed with and can allow you to do some very cool things.

It’s a very simplistic range that includes shampoo & conditioner, as well as a treatment mask, curl magnifier, curl lifting foam and reviver spray.

We sent Ralph down to the Wella studio in London last week to find out more on the hype.

I was really blown away by the new product range, we’ve had them in the salon for a few weeks and I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t even used them before going! I love going down to the studio. It’s such an inspiringly creative place to be and it’s great to get all the latest tips on new products.

Over the day we went through all the products, including the ingredients, how to use them to the best of their ability, what hair types ect, I learnt a lot. When we got down to actually using the products I was gob smacked. My model for the day was a block head and if anyone reading has experience in working on them, then you’ll know that getting natural looking curls out of one is a terrific feat. Have a look at the pictures below and just remember that the possibilities on real hair are so much greater!

These products aren’t just for curls though!

They are heavily based around elasticity, which also makes them fantastic for volume & bouncy blow drys!

With this line it’s very difficult to really overload the hair as it’s so light. Ideal for all hair types, specifically if your hair is prone to looking lank when you use product.

Overall, a great line of products, and I’ll be using them on as many of my clients as I can.”

In salon we have samples of the majority of our products and we offer a selection along side retail purchases.

How To Stop Frizz This Winter!

Do you ever think that it’s pointless doing your hair in the morning, as it’s only going to get ruined by some form of lovely British weather?


Well here are some pointers from us here at The Cutting Rooms to tame those locks.


Even if you’re an anti 80’s advocate, hairspray WILL help to keep those fly-away hairs in check and keep frizz down to a minimum. You don’t have to use the whole can, just an even spray from a 15-30cm distance will do you for the day!

Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

By using a wide tooth comb instead of a brush or finer comb, you will reduce damage/breakage to your hair. Breakage is something that plays the a leading role in making your hair frizz, so put down that tangle teaser.

Curl or Straighten!

This may seem counter-intuitive but by curling or straightening your hair, you’ll smooth the cuticle and it will increase the time it takes to frizz! Just remember to use a heat protecting serum!

Sea Salt Spray!

If you can’t beat them, join them. A sea salt or similar matte spray will give you that, “I’m supposed to look like this” kind of style.

Finally, failing all else, just stick it up in a bun.

If, no matter how hard you try, you still can’t tame the beast, then the classic “top-knot” is fail-proof. If you happen to have a significant amount of hair, then you may choose to use a donut, that will also give you a more formal look.

Just Remember

If it rains, run for cover.

We LOVE Education!

August was a great month for us, filled with summer fun and trips to the big smoke!

We truly believe that Wella is right in the centre of the industry, both in product capability and professionalism. But where Wella really shines is their outstanding level of Education that they offer to us. Recently Wella have relocated to a brand new studio at One The Stand, London. The studio itself is second to none, especially in terms of creativity, so it really is an inspiring place to be.

The Funday Diaries…

We Love Education

The 7th

So on Monday 7th, we sent Alex & Austin down to the Wella Professionals Studio in London to attend ‘The Perfect Blow Dry” course. Designed to allow stylists to reconnect with the art and to impress clients with the best blow dry they’ve ever had, needless to say it was an inspiring day.

The 14th

Just one week after, we had Darcy, Eden, Ralph & Austin attend “The Ultimate Man”, a complete fashion-focused, modern man barbering course. Our guest host Kerry Hayden led us through on-trend colour for men, along with developing catwalk styles into more wearable looks for all clients.

P.s. I know we don’t look happy in this picture >>

But I can assure you that we did have a fantastic time!

The 5th (I know it’s not August but oh well)

On the 5th of September we, once again, got to experience the best event in the Hairdressing calendar, TRENDVISION! TrendVision is an amazing competition, hosted by Wella at the Round House in Camden. The team had the pleasure of experiencing shows from the Sassoon Academy, Sebastian Professional and E-Vocative. The evening, which promises a luscious three-course dinner and enough wine to sink a battleship, was capped off with a live performance from up & coming songwriter, Charlotte OC. Before the afterparty…

Congratulations to all of the Winners of this year’s TrendVision! Who knows, maybe you’ll see one of us up there next year…

Please check out some of our Stylists Instagrams!

Darcy Major
Ralph Major

Photo Credits / Wella Educator – Kerry Hayden

Trend Vision 2017



Coming soon to our Salons 

You think blondes have more fun? Well very soon you’ll have your chance to test that theory!

Over the next month we get to welcome Wella Professionals brand new product to our roster, Wellaplex, as featured in this month’s Creative Head magazine!

Wellaplex No 1 Bond Maker is a super strengthening treatment that can create bonds within the hair whilst performing lightening or hair colouring services. This then in turn, reconstructs the inner structure of the hair, resulting in a much stronger, less damaged hair follicle. 

The No 2 Bond Stabilizer will then reinforce the new bonds, balance the pH and strengthen post chemical treatment. 

And finally the No 3 Hair Stabilizer is a product that you’ll be able to apply yourself at home which will maintain the new strength of your hair and keep it feeling silky smooth until your next treatment. 

We’re super excited to welcome this new product. It’ll allow us to carry out bleach/lightening services in a much safer manner, which means better results for our clients!

Here’s to bold changes! ? 

WellaPlex Coming Soon